Maserati Duo Select Complete Clutch Set 207700 Overhauled (incl flywheel 198143)

ART: 207700R

Excellent 4.8 out of 5

1,225.00 ex VAT


An overhauled Maserati complete clutch including flywheel with part number 207700. This clutch is suitable for the Maserati F1 Cambio Corsa models, namely the Quattroporte V Duoselect and 4200 GT.

We have delivered this clutch to over 40 satisfied customers. The lifetime of this clutch is the same as that of a new one. The clutch is very carefully overhauled by a professional.

Orders will only be processed with a trade-in of your old clutch. You will also get a €100 cashback for the return!

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