Maserati Ghibli III Tail Light Complete Restyling Kit OEM (Plug and Play)

ART: ghibli_taillight_restyle_kit-1_plug_and_play

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This is an all-in-one kit consisting of 4 components (taillights), so all needed light for the backside of the Maserati Ghibli III. Also are the plug-and-play converter cables included in this kit. In this way, you can keep the wiring harness of your Maserati Ghibli original. Besides this, it’s really easy to install and will save you high costs at a workshop.

This set includes four tail lights with the following part numbers:
670154606 Maserati Ghibli III 2021 RH Fixed Tail Light (Restyle) 670154606
670154609 Maserati Ghibli III 2021 LH Fixed Tail Light (Restyle) 670154609
670154608 Maserati Ghibli III 2021 RH Mobile Tail Light (Restyle) 670154608
670154611 Maserati Ghibli III 2021 Mobile Tail Light LH (Restyle) 670154611
2x Maserati Ghibli III Taillights Converter Cable
4x Genuine Maserati Plastic Screw Cap for new Taillights

These taillights are compatible with the Maserati Ghibli III 2013-2019 and are a sportive replacement of your old type of taillights. The taillight are easy to mount, we provide additional information for mounting them after ordering.

Order your restyle tail light kit now and you will get the needed small parts for free of charge with it. Also will we be happy to advise you with installation.


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